IPTV can come into three traditional formats that most providers use


depends on the use of stalker middleware in which you provide myself with your mac address of your device and I pair it up in the system. At this point all that would be needed is your setup of the portal URL (e.g., I provide you. This format requires either a dedicated STB or a program like STB emulator. Its important to note that traditionally if your service provides multiple connections it is lost when using this format. The only exception to this rule currently is Vaders which allows up to 5 mac devices. The benefit of this option is it’s higher reliability, usability of key features (catchup, VOD) and usual better interface.


Can be used on multiple devices if a provider allows, and has a wide array of applications that can resolve the needs for this format. Some important mentions are Perfect Player, ZalTV, ProgTV, GSE, and IPTV smarters playlist format. This method requires the use of a long M3U link and a long EPG link to be placed into the application. These links will often include a user name and password which is important to note for web players if provided by the service.


Xcodes is ordering using traditional M3U format but acts as a hybrid between M3U and MAC. There are a limited number of apps that can resolve this format such as IPTV smarters, GSE iptv, xtream codes app, and a few others. This format requires shorter urls and just username and password from m3u. Traditionally URLs would be in this format http://serverurl.dns:PORT. This format is capable of pulling EPGs efficiently, not limiting amount of connections, easier setups, while meeting catchup needs, and VOD.

Formuler devices are currently the only devices in the market that can cover all three formats if interested in purchasing from the US please message us to order.