• BEAST TV ($15) (NO-AUTO) (3 connections m3u/ 2 connections MAC)
    3 connections from 2 ips via M3U format focuses on english content and latin content exclusively. Very Stable service. (NOW WITH 2 MAC connections)
  • BEAST TV ($20) (NO-AUTO) 4 CONNECTIONS 3 m3u+1 MAC)
    Same great service now with multiple platform streaming. 3 connetions on m3u and 1 via mac address.
    1 month of two of the most prestigious services with a total possibility of 8 connections provided you get m3u on beast. Beast is 3 connections 2 ips in M3u and Vaders is 5 connections across 3 ips in any format.
  • BBTV ($15) (NO-AUTO)
    BBTV is an amazing service with servers located in Europe in Internet safe zones. This service is almost exclusively focused on English speaking content and offers a great selection of catchup channels paired with a great VOD.
  • Inferno TV
    NA based content excludes UK material. With options up to 5 devices.
  • NITRO TV($20) (NO-AUTO) 2 connections with m3u
    Nitro TV is a high quality North American based service with servers located worldwide with over 2500 channels. Has a strong focus on Spanish speaking content and sports. With a premium starting out at 20 USD monthly. 2 connections with M3U 1 connection with MAC
  • Nitro COMBO PACK
    Nitro + (VADER OR BEAST)
    30 USD (1 month)-No REFUNDS
  • ABSOLUTE (price set for 1 device)
    This service is an international service being welcomed as an alternative to ex-boomtv users it achieves full uk us and canada lineups. As well as various internationals.
    $8.00 for one month
  • Rocket TV ($10)
    Rocket TV is a stable service with 99% uptime with a great focus on Latin Countries and US channels. The service also has VOD, and a good customer response rate. The stalker hosts a lot of central and South American channels with great reliability.
  • Slick TV ($4)
    A back up service only to be purchased after another service has been bought. It is very basic but can be extremely handy during rough patches with your current service if it is having issues. Only available through M3U
    4 USD (1 month)-No REFUNDS
  • VADERS ($15) (NO-AUTO) 5 connetions
    5 devices up to 3 IPs Over 1000 channels, personalized group selections and multiple mac devices on same account. FIlled with catchup and VOD, NO ADULT.
  • 2 Combo Pack (+$1 on top of cost for bundle fee)
    the choice of 2 services for a lower price per service (Note this item has an extra dollar surchage for combo pack creation, amember doesnt allow an item to be created for charge for less than a dollar)
    +$1 on top of individual services cost for bundle fee, NO REFUNDS
  • Premium ($10)
    Our only service that comes with a standard of 2 concurrent connections on any monthly plan. Starting at 10 usd, with a huge variation of channels and with VOD, and some Catch-up.
    10 USD (1 month)-No REFUNDS
  • Trials
    A 24 hour trial to any of the services that allow it. (NO WEEKENDS) monday-thusday only! all trials on friday-sunday will be ignored. price is applied as credit when purchasing.
    NO weekends mon-thurs only


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