Nitro TV VS Ace

So, you have decided to opt for an IPTV, but you are stuck. There are so many choices, you think, and in
this river of immense choices, you are absolutely, indefinitely lost. After all your research you have
narrowed down to two choices, Ace IPTV or Nitro IPTV.

To help you out, we have decided to lead you through both choices.

Nitro TV VS Ace IPTV

  • ¬†Channels
    With Ace IPTV, you get 500 + HD Channels for $29.95 a month. Nitro IPTV, on the other hand,
    charges $20 for a month for over 2500 HD Channels.
  • Payment
    Ace IPTV also charges per month, so every month you get a $29.95 bill to pay, which per year
    amounts to $359.4. With Nitro TV, you get to choose from different payment plans. They have a
    1 month package for $20, a 4 month package for $50, and a 7 month package for $90.
  • Similarities
    Both of them, on the other hand, let you connect 2 Devices with 2 IPS. They both have customer
    support, and let you catchup tv-shows. Though for Nitro, you need an account while Ace works
    without one.


If you are looking for a pocket friendly IPTV, Nitro IPTV will be a better choice for you.